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A Japanese Milk Bar is Soon To Open This April 2019

Take note: They serve gluten-free cheese drink

We are excited to try this new Japanese Milk Bar which will be opening at Glorietta in Makati City soon.

They are going to serve healthy drinks for us!

One of their main products is milk which they have four different options: Fresh Milk, Non-Fat Milk, Almond Milk, and Oat Milk.

Fresh Milk
Photo by FRNK Milk Bar Facebook Page

Because millennials are crazy about boba drinks, they add a twist to the pearls they’re going to use, the pearls are blue in color. It is infused with a butterfly – pea flower that made it blue. They claim this is going to be the healthiest pearl you’ll ever have.

Blue tea pearls
Photo by FRNK Milk Bar Facebook Page

Plus their Matcha comes from Kyoto Japan in partnership with Morihan, a Japanese Tea Company. They described their Matcha as the creamiest and smoothest. So for Matcha Lovers out there, make sure to try it.

Uji Matcha
Photo by FRNK Milk Bar Facebook Page

UPDATE: They haven’t opened in April, please see updated article

For more information and updates, you can visit FRNK Milk Bar Facebook Page


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