Can Milk Tea Cause Diabetes?

Regularly sipping on a tumbler or a glassful of milk tea—also known as Boba tea or Bubble tea—may seem like a guilty pleasure for some. But doing so may actually put those same people at risk for developing a type of diabetes, according to health experts.

There had been plenty of growing concern with the bubble tea since it became a trendy drink from recent years. From the issue about the safety of tapioca pearls for human consumption to the overall number of calories found in the drink, the presence of Boba tea is controversial, to say the least.

In addition, the fact that the commercial milk tea is riddled with sugar—typically around 20 spoons of the sweet stuff per serving—makes the drink all the more worthy of the buzz, especially among health experts and enthusiasts.

can milk tea cause diabetes

How does milk tea cause diabetes?

The loaded sugar in every serving of Bubble tea per se does not cause diabetes, as this metabolic disease is caused by factors such as bad lifestyle, genetics, and the environment. But the amount of saccharine found in the drink may play a pivotal role in the development of the disease. This means that those individuals who came from a family with history about diabetes are likely to acquire the same disease simply by consuming massive amounts of sugar via Bubble tea daily.

Furthermore, those who are already diagnosed with the disease are even in the worse off disposition when it comes to routine consumption of milk tea, because of how the sugar in the drink affects them negatively. Diabetics would typically suffer from a case of hyperglycemia—a state wherein there is too much sugar in the blood which the blood cells could not use due to faulty reasons such as lacking insulin or being resistant to insulin—and drinking Boba tea regularly will only compound to the problem.


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