Can Milk Tea Make You Fat?

Is drinking milk tea, therefore, fattening?

Milk tea has had a wide fan base since probably ever. With a flavor that tastes neither milk or tea, but a new zest altogether, the milk tea is uniquely refreshing with every sip; not to mention, very tasty.

But given the fad which drinking milk tea has started which cause people in drove to consume it on the go or at shops, there is a concern that the drink may not be as weight-friendly as some might assume.

Milk Tea

Is drinking milk tea, therefore, fattening?

In short: yes, milk tea may add to your weight gain.

But, first, here’s a short overview as to what makes tea beneficial in weight loss:

The interest in the tea’s auspicious benefit in weight loss has been a study for researchers for years. From lab rats to humans, the tea was found to have natural components called polyphenols, which prevents the body from absorbing fats, and catechins, which promotes the burning of fats. In the study involving lab rats alone, the result is overwhelming which saw subjects being fed a high-fat diet yet remain relatively lean.


However, adding milk to your tea is not such a good idea.

Here are a few reasons why:

The protein in milk neutralizes the tea’s fat-fighting ability

Many teas, in general, are known to contribute to weight loss, thanks to the compounds like thearubigins and theaflavins. But when you add a cow’s milk to any of these teas, their ability to prevent their absorption into the body. The fault is blamed at the caseins, the protein which comes with the cow’s milk.

Glass Fruit Tea

The pearls in your milk tea are a carbohydrate powerhouse

When your occasional dosage of milk tea comes from a stall or a shop, chance is good that the drink you are consuming would come in the form of a “Bubble Tea” which is essentially a term for the sweet-tasting milk tea with tapioca pearls underneath. But there go the red flags to it—it is sweet, which means that there might be “tons” of sugars in it, and it has tapioca pearls which only adds to the overall number of carbohydrates you consume.

Carbohydrates are typically broken down to smaller components in the form of sugar which is used by the body as a source of energy for the cells. But any excess of carbs becomes stored energy for the body called body fats. So, when you are taking in more carbohydrates than what your body burns for energy, that’s how your girth expands and subsequently how weight gain happens.

Black Tea

The black tea, which is the kind of tea preferred in making milk tea, is known for its weight loss capability. If you are keen on reducing significant weight from tea drinking, your best bet is to drink it as is, without milk in it. Milk is apparently a counteracting agent to the weight loss benefits of black tea.

Tea Flat Lay

Or if you are to add something to it, add a different, non-counteracting ingredient to it like honey or lemon which the Slavic people do or consume it as is, much like the Chinese or Japanese do.

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