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Did you know that there’s a Milk Tea Shop in Batangas named Tea teh?

Now let’s add another witty and funny Milk Tea Shop name on our list.

We just found out that there’s a Milk Tea Shop in Batangas named Tea teh? and it rhymes with…we don’t want to mention because you know what it means! ;)

tea teh milk tea shop batangas
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“Tara Lets, Teatehan tayo!”

Who will not laugh with their tag line? ;)

“What’s fun about Tea teh?” is you can play wooden stock blocks game and Rubix cube while sipping your favorite Milk Tea in their Tea Teahan Place.

Photo by Tea teh?

Tea teh? Menu

Check out their green-minded menu!

You can choose from Malaking Tea teh? (Milk Tea) Floating Tea teh? (Floats) Barakong Tea teh? (Iced Coffee) Brownie ala Tea teh? (brownies topped with ice cream & caramel syrup) and Choco na Batok Drinks (made of chocolate).

Photo by Tea teh?

The beverages are extremely inexpensive, as the cost varies between 30 and 50 pesos only.

If you want to experience and taste Tea teh?, it is located at #47 Abelo San Nicolas, Batangas City. It’s a 2-3 hour drive from Manila.

For more information, you may visit Tea teh? Facebook Page

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