Good Reasons to Drink Matcha Green Tea

A preferred drink by many for its exquisite taste, the matcha green tea has grown into popularity since being established as a healthy drink.

A preferred drink by many for its exquisite taste, the matcha green tea has grown into popularity since being established as a healthy drink.

But what makes this particular tea earn such a good rap that people seem to want more of it for health?

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Rich in disease-busting antioxidants

It is already common knowledge that teas in general are good for you. Primarily, this boils down to the tea’s profusion of antioxidant, namely a catechin in the name of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg), that keeps the body free from certain diseases by fighting off harmful elements, including cancer.

Helps boosts the body’s metabolism

The body’s daily function revolves around metabolism where it breaks down components in order to create a new one. Consuming matcha tea aids in this process by enhancing the body’s ability to generate needed energy through catabolism. Basically, this is one way of saying that our body becomes more energized and vigor when we consume matcha tea.

A potent detox

The verdant color of the matcha green tea contains a plethora of chlorophyll that is good for the body. While the human body cannot digest chlorophyll, its presence in the body plays as a magnet towards harmful chemicals and metals which are then released from the body.

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Calms the mind and body

There is a very good reason why monks love to sip on a hot or warm matcha tea. As a group of people whose lifestyle involves meditation as a practice, it takes a calm mind and body to perform the feat effectively. Drinking matcha tea is said to aid in this goal.

But do not just take the account of the monks who had been sipping matcha teas for at least a thousands years. Even science, too, has a claim why that is the case and it boils down to a certain chemical that is exclusive to most teas, like green and black tea—the amino acid, L Theanine.

According to science, L Theanine, when released into the body, creates a so-called alpha waves to the brain, essentially inducing a calming effect and is the antithesis of the beta waves which causes agitation.

Aids in digestion

All plants share commonality for being rich in fiber and is one reason why we claim that fruits and vegetables are good for our health, particularly in our digestive system. Essentially coming from a plant itself, the matcha tea is rich in fiber that helps in the digestion process as well as the regularization of the bowel movement.

Lowers the body’s bad cholesterol and glucose

Rooting on the same idea that a matcha tea makes for a rich source of fiber as a drink, a regular intake of this tea helps the body in its inner cleansing by reducing the level of bad cholesterol, significantly reducing the risk of certain diseases.

For people who suffer from an elevated level of blood sugar level—for example, diabetics—taking in matcha tea helps in the reduction of the concentration of sugar in the blood.

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