Is Chocolate Bad for You?

Science says NO

Often vilified as the cause of tooth decay, obesity, and diabetes among kids, the chocolate has had a bad rap as a junk. But is chocolate really that “bad” that many caring parents are stirring their children away from it?

Tons and tons of research about the main ingredient of chocolate—cacao—suggests otherwise—it is actually good for you, even to your kids.

Here are the reasons why:

It’s the sugar that is bad

Most adults of today will probably remember their experience with chocolate as something of a sweet treat aimed at fulfilling the sweet tooth craving. For the most part, this is true, even to this day. After all, the chocolate we often find in the store is filled with sugar in them that gives them the sweet taste.

But strip the chocolate off of sugar, what you get is the bitter cacao which had been known by the ancients as a healthy drink. Ever wonder, therefore, why is there the “dark” variant of chocolate which is essentially chocolate with very little sugar in it?

Eating chocolate makes you smart

If mood has anything to do with a person’s quality of thinking e.g. a person performing better cognitively when in the good mood, then eating chocolate could be making people smarter by promoting that kind of mood.

According to a test conducted by researchers, participants of the study who were exposed to stressful and high-pressure conditions display an improvement to their mood and are also better overall when given mental tests, compared to those who did not consume low-sugar chocolate.

It can help you lose weight

If there is one thing that makes people easily gain weight, it is the issue of overeating. Unknown to many, eating chocolate can actually make people lose weight and it does so by addressing the same root that makes people overweight—suppressing the appetite. Subsequently, this meant that individuals who consume chocolate are less likely to feel easily hungered and thereby give way for weight loss.

Consuming chocolate promotes good heart health

The proportion of good and bad cholesterol has always been used as an indicator of health in medical science. According to this notion, a healthy person should always have a higher level of high-density lipoprotein (good cholesterol) over the low-density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol). Otherwise, potential sickness involving the cardiovascular system could likely occur.

Consuming a healthy dose of chocolate leads to good health in that it has the power to promote good blood cholesterol while lowering that of the bad cholesterol.

Promotes glowing skin

The quality of our skin has always been dependent on a number of factors, some of which rooted at the deeper layers of the skin itself. For the most part, it talks about the role of good blood circulation which provides nourishment to it.

Making the consumption of chocolate a daily routine, people get the benefit of glowing skin, thanks to the chocolate’s ability to enhance the body’s blood circulation.

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