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One Zo Philippines is About to Open Its 1st Branch

The Boba Innovator.

Established in 2015, One Zo is a Taiwan Bubble Tea Brand and known for creating their own fresh boba in-store.

Mark your calendars as they are going for a soft opening this May 10, 2019.

one zo philippines
Photo by One Zo Philippines Facebook Page

They do not use any artificial flavor or color on their fruit tea which made their drinks very appealing and colorful. Their fruit tea is served with freshly squeezed citrus fruit.

Being innovative, One Zo is best known for its handmade tapioca pearls. They create their own tapioca pearls that are served fresh and comes in different flavors such as taro, matcha, mango, strawberry and more. This is unseen in other milk tea shops, making One Zo unique. They are the first cafe in the world to make their own boba in-store.

Photo by One Zo Philippines Facebook Page

For Matcha Lovers out there, you will be delighted to taste their Matcha Tea Latte with Matcha Tapioca.


One Zo Philippines will open at Promenade Mall, Greenhills, San Juan City.

We are excited to taste and experience One Zo from Taiwan to our country.

For more information, you can visit One Zo Philippines Facebook Page

Check out their menu: One Zo Menu

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