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Say NO to Sober September as Tipsy Tea Launches Their New Set of Products!

Tipsy Tea is known for serving the very first alcohol-infused milk tea in the Philippines which opened to the public last May 2019. This September, continue to get tipsyfied as they launch a new set of beverage and snacks that you will surely love.

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Price: 98 php

3nitea by tipsy tea

If you believe Tipsy Tea is not for minors then you should think again because these fruit-flavored juices are for all ages. These tri-color juices come in five different flavors which are green mango lemonade, lychee lemonade, mango blueberry, blueberry passion, and passion lychee. Aside from that, you may opt to spike up your juice and turn it into a cocktail.

Boozy Coffee

Price: 128 php

Since the milk tea lovers embraced the alcohol-infused milk tea, Tipsy Tea is now calling all the coffee lovers to take a shot of their alcohol-infused coffee. Boozy coffee comes in four flavors — Bailey’s, Irish, Hazelnut, and Mint. It is a coffee-based beverage infused with 30ml alcohol per serving.


Price: 78 php

Are you a milk tea lover? Or and ice cream lover? Worry no more because Popsitea is coming to town! The perfect blend of Tipsy Tea Milktea in a popsicle and just like your ordinary milk tea in a cup, it also comes with pearls. Also, alcohol-infused Popsitea is available. This is the first-ever popsicle with a spike!

Cheesecake Series

Price: 98 php

Going mainstream, Tipsy Tea will be releasing their own Cheesecake Series — Caramel Cheesecake, Wintermelon Cheesecake, and everyone’s favorite, Matcha Cheesecake! This is also alcohol-free and suits all ages.


Price: 78 php

A cinnamon-sugar-coated churros that come with a chocolate dip that will surely complement your favorite milk tea.

Bubble Waffle

Price: 58 php

The taste of Hongkong’s Bubble Waffle will now be available in your nearest Tipsy Tea Cafè! This bubble waffle tastes like sugar cone that’s why it is best served with ice cream on top.

Giveaway Alert!

Tipsy Tea will be releasing all these six products tomorrow, September 1, 2019. Don’t forget to visit Tipsy Tea Cafè and be the first one to try these! In line with this, we are giving away Tipsy Tea Coupons to five winners. Just follow the mechanics below and get a chance to taste Tipsy Tea’s new products for free!


1. Like our page on Facebook, Cup Community

2. Like Tipsy Tea’s Facebook Page and follow Tipsy Tea’s Instagram Account

3. Answer the following questions:

a. Have you tried Tipsy Tea?

b. Among the 6 new products to be released, what is it that you really want to try?

4. Comment your answers on our Facebook post with a hashtag #IGotTipsyfied and tag a friend you want to have a cup of tea!

5. Share this post!

Promo ends on September 6, 2019 at 3:00PM and we will announce the winners on Friday, September 6, 2019 at 6PM. Winners will be contacted via direct message.

UPDATE: Promo is extended until September 13, 2019 at 3:00 PM!

Let’s get Tipsyfied!


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