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Bon Appetea Just Released 4 New Drink Flavors

Are you a fan of Bon Appetea? Look! They have something for you! Bon Appetea had released 4..

Top 5 I’milky Best-selling Drinks in the Philippines

#sIMplyFresh from Taiwan! Here's a brief background about I'milky: I'milky is a 100% Pure a..

Serenitea Jumbo Cups Promo

Mark your calendars as Serenitea is Celebrating their 11th year Anniversary with Jumbo Cups Pr..

JLD Dragon from Taiwan is Now in Manila

Does anyone know what JLD means? If you don't know yet, "JLD" means Ji Long Tang and it is one ..

Can Milk Tea Cause Diabetes?

Regularly sipping on a tumbler or a glassful of milk tea—also known as Boba tea or Bubble te..

Brown Cafe: Thailand’s First-Ever Collagen-infused and Low-calorie Milk Tea is now in the Philippines

With all the Milk Tea Craze happening here in the Philippines, another Milk Tea Brand has come..

Alishan at The Alley Branches

Have you heard of Alishan at The Alley's Brown Sugar Pearl Milk with Cheese Brulee? Make sure ..

Alishan at The Alley Menu

Zoom in to see image clearly For more information, you may visit Alishan at The Alley Faceb..

Yi Fang Branches are Growing Fast

Photo by Yi Fang Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea is a Taiwan Based Milk Tea Shop expert in serving..

LOOK: The 7,777,777th Brown Sugar Latte was sold at Black Scoop Cafe Katipunan Esteban Abada Branch

Do you believe in lucky numbers? Did you know that 777 is an angel and spiritual number..

Are Milk Tea Pearls Bad for You?

Several years ago, in 2011 specifically, Taiwan was embroiled in a controversy when it was fou..

Top 10 Best Brown Sugar Milk Drinks in Manila

One of the trending topics in the Philippines right now is Milk Tea and we see a lot of variou..

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