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Top 10 Best Brown Sugar Milk Drinks in Manila

Brown Sugar Madness hits the Philippines

One of the trending topics in the Philippines right now is Milk Tea and we see a lot of various drinks coming from Milk Tea Shops.

The famous flavor known today is the Brown Sugar Milk Pearl which is made of Pearls soaked in Brown Sugar or Muscovado and combined with Fresh Milk. Take note that it doesn’t have tea in it, but some does, so better ask first before ordering.

Since we want you to keep updated with the Milk Tea craze, we decided to create a list of the best Brown Sugar Milk Drinks in the Metro.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. We ranked the following based on our taste and preference.

Here are our Top 10 Best Brown Sugar Milk Drinks in Manila (#1 being the highest):

1. Brown Sugar Pearl Milk with Cheese Brulee by Alishan at The Alley

Suprisingly, this is one of the best we ever tasted. The milk is super creamy and tasty.

Alishan at The Alley is not quite popular and we hope for it to be on top of your favorite list too.

Just don’t be confused with The Alley It’s Time for Tea and Alishan at The Alley. They are not related to one another.

Alishan at The Alley Brown Sugar Pearl Milk with Cheese Brulee
Photo by Alishan at The Alley

2. Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse by Tiger Sugar

Made with Fresh Cream with warm Brown Sugar Pearls topped with thick Cream Mousse.

Tiger Sugar is one of the Milk Tea Shops that is best known for their Brown Sugar Milk Drink. You wouldn’t mind the queue just to get this.

Photo by Tiger Sugar

3. Brown Sugar Pearl Tea Latte by Yi Fang

Soft Brown Sugar Pearls with Fresh Milk and topped with Premium Sun Moon Lake Black Tea.

Yi Fang’s Brown Sugar Pearls are super soft and chewy that makes this drink remarkable.

Photo by Yi Fang

4. Milk Tiger by Happy Lemon

The cup is swirled with Brown Sugar then added with Pearls, Milk and Rock Salt & Cheese on top.

Milk Tiger Brown Sugar Drink is super perfect with RSC on top.

Happy Lemon is known for their Rock Salt & Cheese which you can’t compare to anything else.

Photo by Happy Lemon

5. Brown Sugar Frost with Holly’s Fresh Milk by Serenitea

Soft chewy pearls soaked in flavorsome Brown Sugar Syrup mixed with creamy Holly’s fresh milk topped with Serenitea’s Signature Cheese Frost and sprinkled with Muscovado sugar.

Serenitea’s Brown Sugar Series Drink is quite pricey. It costs 180 pesos.

Photo by Serenitea

6. Brown Sugar Latte by Black Scoop Cafe

One of the instagram-worthy drinks. They use Muscovado sugar instead of the usual Brown Sugar.

Try this next time you visit Black Scoop Cafe.

black scoop cafe brown sugar latte
Photo by Black Scoop Cafe

7. Brown Sugar Deerioca Creme Brulee Milk by The Alley It’s Time for Tea

The Pearls are cooked with specialized Brown Sugar made for The Alley.

The Alley It’s Time for Tea is one of the hottest Milk Tea brands in Taiwan.

Photo by The Alley Philippines

8. Brown Sugar Pearl with Cheese Cap and Crushed Oreos by Sun Tea

Their Brown Sugar Pearl drink has Cream Cheese Mousse and crushed Oreos on top. They also use Muscovado sugar in it.

Take note that this drink is limited serving only per day.

Photo by Sun Tea

9. Brown Sugar Boba Milk by Xing Fu Tang

Made with ‘stir-fried’ Brown Sugar Pearls that adds a subtle smokier flavor to their Brown Sugar Boba Milk.

Xing Fu Tang is a brand from Taiwan.

Photo by Xing Fu Tang

10. Brown Sugar Pearl with Milk by Chachago

Last but not the least, a pure bliss of creaminess and toasty sweetness.

Chachago is also a brand from Taiwan and it’s planning to open 30+ branches in the Philippines this 2019. You may check this article for more info: Click here

Photo by Chachago

Have you tried all of this? What do you think? Do you agree with our list?

If you haven’t tried any of the drinks mentioned, make sure to try one.

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