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White Rabbit Milk Candy Evolves Into a Milk Tea

Childhood feels!

Remember White Rabbit?

Is White Rabbit your childhood favorite candy?

Nostalgic right? Maybe some of you haven’t tasted it yet. The most memorable part in eating this candy is being able to eat the edible paper wrapper. It gives you what we call a White Rabbit-satisfaction.

White Rabbit

Now that we are in a generation that everything evolves so fast, even White Rabbit Candy has a version of Milk Tea.

Photo by Black Scoop Cafe Facebook Page

Thanks to Black Scoop Cafe for this awesome invention, they are the first one to release it in our country. We can now taste our favorite childhood candy in the form of Milk Tea.

Black Scoop Cafe also offers White Rabbit Candy-Flavoured Ice Cream. If you want to try this, head on over to a Black Scoop Cafe near you.

For more information, you can visit Black Scoop Cafe Facebook Page

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