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I grew up taking instant coffee and 3-in-1 but everything changed when I tried the coffee from Good Beans :) I started trying the classic Sagada medium roast and their Ulap blend and I am officially converted into a coffee brewer. I never looked back into instant and 3-in-1 coffee :) I also tried to upgrade by trying their single origin coffee and I did not regret my decision. The aroma and distinct flavors are so lovely, that I learned to appreciate drinking coffee without creamer and sugar. And the good thing here is that, the coffee they provide are all sourced from their partner farmers all around the Philippines! I just love their advocacy and goal of promoting our local farmers and showcasing their premium and specialty coffee to all of us. The owner herself is very passionate about coffee. She can also give you recommendations on what coffee to try especially if you are just beginning your brewed coffee journey. The coffee is affordable and the price is reasonable for the quality. At first I thought that I have to buy expensive, imported single origin specialty coffee from other countries just to enjoy a good cup of coffee. But I later on realized that the Philippines can provide high quality coffee as well. They just need to be promoted and appreciated more. Luckily we have small businesses like Good Beans with a very good advocacy. More power and may we all get to enjoy 100% Philippine coffee!

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