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Avocadoria Review: Satisfy your Avocado Cravings at Avocadoria SM Fairview Branch

Avocado is now considered one of the big hit businesses in the Philippines after the Mango Cra..

List of Milk Tea Shops in the Philippines

Milk Tea has been growing popularity in recent years and considered one of the next big thing ..

Who is Cup Community?

The Philippines First Drink Reference Website Our very own tagline: Discover Your Favori..

Can Milk Tea Make You Fat?

Milk tea has had a wide fan base since probably ever. With a flavor that tastes neither milk o..

Here are Some Good Reasons to Drink More Coffee

Considered the second most traded commodity next to oil, the prominence of coffee as a dri..

Is Chocolate Bad for You?

Often vilified as the cause of tooth decay, obesity, and diabetes among kids, the chocolat..

Good Reasons to Drink Matcha Green Tea

A preferred drink by many for its exquisite taste, the matcha green tea has grown into popular..

Here’s the Gallontea for Milk Tea Lovers

Good news for Milk Tea Lovers out there! You can now buy a gallon of milk tea at Gallontea in ..

Health Benefits of Lemon Juice

Lemons are described as tangy or zesty and one of nature’s wonders. Lemons are not just a re..

Top 10 Famous Milk Tea Shops in the Philippines

Here are the top 10 famous Milk Tea Shops in the Philippines: Chatime Best seller: P..

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